Ukraine Trip

This is our Ukraine Trip for our adoption adventure

Saturday, December 16, 2006

What have we done!!!

Brian here,

Well, finally leagel parents. I'm not a blogger kind of guy so this will be short and sweet. Why the heck didn't someone warn us. June can't be here because she has 2 ball & chains hooked to her legs. One that won't stop throwing up if you put her in a car or a plane, (yes it was a fun flight to Kiev) and the other that turns on and off like a light with uncontrollable crying, (especially in very public places) because she misses the orphenage. I am sure it will get better but I praise anyone who has ever done this. Anyway, we will get our Visa's Monday evening (hopefully) and will be out of here Tuesday. As for now we will have to stay a night in New York and return Wednesday AM but I am trying to get another flight and am pretty confident I can get us there Tuesday late. We will probably check this again Monday one last time to read everyone's helpfull tips on how to keep one from throwing up and one from crying, when they don't understand a fricken thing we say. Anyway we are as well as can be expected and are eager to return..

Thanks to all,


Friday, December 08, 2006


We don't have a digital camera and didn't want to bring the one Brian uses for work, so everyone will have to wait for pictures when we get home. Yesterday we visited Irina in Yalta and this time she did the no-way brakes (meaning she held on to the gate because she did not want to go with us) when we came to visit her. Our translator laughed and said she must know that the day is coming soon for her to leave. So, Irina did the crocodile tears for us. It took awhile for us to get her smiling and laughing, boy is she shy and she closes her eyes to us. When we got her passport picture we were amazed to see how big her eyes were. On another note, she really needs a dentist. So, that ought to be a fun experience when we get home. Hmmm, a scared 3 1/2 year old who does not know english and we are going to try and teach her all about brushing her teeth? Anyway we believe many of her baby teeth have fallen out from lack of proper teeth care. We are just waiting for our 10 day waiting period to be over with. We have no idea what sizes they wear because everything here is in european sizes.
Needless to say, we miss home big time. Shari, that was mean, you know how I love Jack in the Box tacos and Round Table pizza! Now I am really home sick.
Our 10 day ends on Monday, and then more paperwork.
Meanwhile the weather here is decent since we are the most southern you can get.
Hope all is well with everyone!

Also Linda, we noticed it is in the 20's at night, can you please make sure the cats are in at night, then out in the AM.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Preservatives are our friend

Yes, Preservatives are great because food out here goes bad fast. Anyway, we are just in the waiting stage now and we have been collecting clothes, which we completed today. Tomorrow our translator (our Ukraine mother) is going to teach me how to make borsch, a russian/ukraine soup.
Yes, we figure Irina will be a challenge all right. And we look forward to starting. Meanwhile same weather here.
Thanks for all the comments!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Court Date

We had our court date on Friday 1 Dec, and the judge asked that Yulia be there to answer questions. So, she showed up with her teacher and orphanage director and they asked her if she wanted us to be her and her sister's parents. She said Dah (Yes). So, we were approved as Parents! Now we have a 10 day waiting period and then after that more paperwork. We hope that we can get the paperwork done quickly so we can go home!
Today we went to Yalta to visit Irina and she was not happy that she had to leave her post on the swing when we walked up. And she made it known to us by not looking at us the whole time as we visited her. Her caretaker said yes, she is a stubborn little girl. So, we have our work cut out for us once we have her in our arms. Yulia is more use to us and is no longer the shy shy girl. We can't wait to bring Irina to her because Yulia has not seen her in about 2 years.
Linda, I see some cold weather heading your way. Please try and coax the cats in the house into the warm laundry room. Thanks so much!!! We owe you big time.
Oh, and also yesterday we survived the marketplace as we shopped for clothes for the girls. When the girls leave the orphanage they cannot take any of the orphanage clothes. So, we have purchased clothes to get them home.

Friday, December 01, 2006


If you have wondered where all the expired cans and jars of food go. They are here. Alot of the jars of food we buy they are expired. And for milk, well that expires about a day ahead of the expiration date.
On the good side we do enjoy walking everywhere instead of driving and they are many people out walking around too. Shari, this is called Smart growth. Sprawl means you have to drive everywhere. So, we walk to the market, internet place, and downtown. There is even a bar around the corner but we don't go in there. It gets dark around here at about 4:30pm.
And they do make some good bread and candy here. There is this one candy called Sirock, and it is really good. If I can read the labeling I think I will call them and ask them to start producing this in the US, they would make a fortune.
Ok, Brian just said he does not enjoy walking.
Food is fairly cheap and I think they are making up years in the fashion scene. All the women and men dress nicely and they have fashionable clothes here.
And the only channel we get in English is FTV, which is the Fashion TV. Seems the military men in the middle east get the same channel because sometimes they e-mail their request to FTV.

Now it's time for real comments on the situation. This place SUCKS!!!. the food is bland and fatty, the beer is terrible and the peaople are the most depressing things I've ever met. God Bless America, the country which people would die for. Who the heck would die for this crap hole. Hopefully only 2 more weeks here and we'll be back, so I have some important favors to ask. Ron, you missed a big spot next door while you were mowing so you need to pay more attention and get beer. Doug, your mission is a little more important, make sure Ron gets beer. Dave, you have the most important task, make sure everyone does their jobs and we will see you in a couple weeks.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Getting Colder

It is getting colder here now. We have been enjoying at least warmer days here. Tomorrow we have a court date.
Linda thanks again so much for taking care of everything.
Oh, I meant to thank Hannah too for helping.
Meanwhile the wait continues......
oh, and something strange to report, we have seen two cars with California license plates here, what is up with that?
Shari, I hope everything is alright with you....bundle up!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We are still here

Every day we visit Yulia because we are staying in the same town as her orphanage. Monday we visited Irina in Yalta which is about an hour away on the coast. She remembered us from last week and came walking up to us with her bear that we gave her. But when we sat down to visit with her she was really shy, so we used Cheerios to coax her out of her shyness. I hope that she will be easy to deal with on the plane ride. So, Friday we are suppose to have our court date and then a 10 day appeal period after that, and of course more paperwork.
Thank you Doug and Teresa and Devon for checking on our kitty-cats and house. We worry about them with us being gone for so long.
Oh, and the names of the girls we did not change because we thought it was right to keep their names that they were given and we didn't want to confuse them anymore than what they will be when we hopefully get home soon.
So, their names are Yulia Lynn Cowles and Irina Marie Cowles. You can tell we gave them their middle names. Both girls share the same shyness and we, or should I say Brian gets them to break out of their shyness.
Meanwhile it is a waiting period and maybe next week we might go shopping for clothes for them.
Thank you for all your comments.
Oh, and Dianne, you would not like it here because there are alot of grey buildings!
Take care everyone.