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This is our Ukraine Trip for our adoption adventure

Saturday, December 16, 2006

What have we done!!!

Brian here,

Well, finally leagel parents. I'm not a blogger kind of guy so this will be short and sweet. Why the heck didn't someone warn us. June can't be here because she has 2 ball & chains hooked to her legs. One that won't stop throwing up if you put her in a car or a plane, (yes it was a fun flight to Kiev) and the other that turns on and off like a light with uncontrollable crying, (especially in very public places) because she misses the orphenage. I am sure it will get better but I praise anyone who has ever done this. Anyway, we will get our Visa's Monday evening (hopefully) and will be out of here Tuesday. As for now we will have to stay a night in New York and return Wednesday AM but I am trying to get another flight and am pretty confident I can get us there Tuesday late. We will probably check this again Monday one last time to read everyone's helpfull tips on how to keep one from throwing up and one from crying, when they don't understand a fricken thing we say. Anyway we are as well as can be expected and are eager to return..

Thanks to all,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian & June,
Hang in there! Anyway you can get a hold of some Dramimine? or any other motion sickness med? Check with the people at the agency. I do realize that you are in a 3rd world area, but it wouldn't hurt to check with a local doctor. Other than that, there's not much else you can do...just take lots of bags, kleenex, patience, and love. On another note, I wouldn't give the girls very much candy, sugar, or sweets on the flights. This will only "key" them up and make them full of energy in a very confined area. Coloring books, drawing pads, books, pencils, crayons, tictactoe, cards, etc. are good.
We are anxious for your return and know that you are too! Hang in there, the hardest part is coming, but this will pass and you will be home in your own bed before you know it!
We are hoping that you will be home Tuesday night, because we are leaving for Ohio on Wed. am. If by chance we miss you, we will definitely see you when we return. Have a great Christmas and tell yourselves that "children are gifts from God"!!
Much love,
Doug & Teresa

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While reading Brian's comments I had Grace sitting on my lap and she doesn't say much we can understand either. Babies come that way too. The expression on your face and tone of your voice works the best. Recent Moms and Dads probably have lots of good tips. For the one throwing up I found bits of ice help and I know June uses crackers to keep her tummy in shape. Dad says give Irina a universal remote and we bet she can take it apart. That will distract her. Seems all his grandchildren have the ability to take things apart that he can't put back together again. Hope to hear your voice soon and have a safe trip home with sleeping children. Love Mom & Dad

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you until Teresa mentioned you will be sleeping in your own bed soon. We washed all the linen on your bed, sheets and bedspread. The gray cat wasn't happy with you being gone and ate too much food. The black cat came and told us that the gray cat has issues of eating too much and has spit up on your bed. Sooo we washed everything and while we were there didn't let them on the bed. I don't think we did the pillowcases. Don't know why not. We also put in night lights in the girls' bathroom and the bedroom we slept in. Just standard night lights. Everything else remained the same. We cleaned off the deck many times because of the leaves and I am sure the leaves will be back. Welcome home soon. Mom

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi you two,
Sorry to chuckle at your post but as a parents it's just a little funny when new parents finally realize what it's all about. It's the toughest job you'll ever have in your life. And parents do warn you what it's like but they make it look so easy that you just look at them when they complain and say "yeah right, how hard can it be?". I remember my first days with Elizabeth I just sat there asking "why?! why didn't someone tell me how hard this is?!" You'll get it down and pretty soon you'll forget what life was like without them - well almost. Anyway, sounds like one of them has a bad case of motion sickness, talk to a doctor about that, they'll help you out. The crying well, you'll have to just make that one realize how much better life is outside of the orphanage - just remember it's all she has known for a long time. And last but certainly not least remember the more calm you are the calmer they'll be. They feed of your emotions so if you are stressed (which most new parents are) they'll feel that and get stressed too. When I get to my breaking point I just take a deep breath and remember that if I crack it will only get worse. Good luck you two. Remember don't ever turn down any offers of help. This is when pride should be left behind, accept others offers of time, food and support.

Take care, April

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian and June,

We are really looking forward to seeing you this week. The cats are doing fine and we received the packages from Lands End.

Ron blew all of the leaves out of our yard onto your yard so you wouldn't be bored when you return! Doug supervised the effort because Dave is golfing.

Regarding the girls, they should be fine within a week. I'm sure the change is upsetting and the long trip certainly does not make it any easier. Once you are home, everything will fall into place.

By the way, did we tell you that we are extremely happy and excited for you? Merry Christmas!

Ron and Linda

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

12/16 Hi June and Brian... Shari here! Glad to hear you are both officially parents... congrats! Don't worry... everything will be fine. Kids get sick and kids cry... and that's where you come in as a parent to sooth them. Hoping everything goes as planned and you return as indicated. Here in WA, we had a severe wind storm (65-75 mph winds) and it wiped out power for many. Trees down everywhere!!! We've been running the generator for 2 days now... still no power restored yet. On a good note, it got me out of work yesterday :)

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh poor June and Brian,,,I am so sorry you guys have been thrown into this state of confusion....I totally feel for you both. And also the girls..It is so hard for them and you, I am surprised you are not throwing up, June, that is what mom would have done,,,Well we have a kid that get sick too. I have seen the patch, they give on cruise ships,,,try that, or just maybe a shot of vodka,,,Hee Hee, just kidding, you take the Vodka..
I will pray that your trip is without incident. Just take a deep breath and pray. We love you lots. Good Luck

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian and June,

Thanks for the laugh this morning from your comments!! Having a hard time this time of year missing Kyle but your blog brought up some really great memories of times past and is a lift to my spirit. Remember, it's not the hum drum every day life that you'll have memories of, it will be times like this that you'll look back at and get the same chuckle that we're having now.

For the girls, just be patient, remember their only perspective of life is the orphanage which is security to them. They don't know that America will be like Disney Land USA compared to their life in the Ukraine.

Have a safe trip home and I'm keeping you in my prayers.


5:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dramamine, Dramamine, Dramamine...
It not only works for motion sickness, but eases you into a nice little sleep, which should be a good thing for anyone on a long flight.
Good luck...

5:58 AM  

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